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About us

Daniel and Felicity have a passion for animals, they are their lives. It was a dog that brought them together. Felicity needed help with a Springer Spaniel that had a mind of its own. In stepped Daniel to help and the rest is history as they say!!

Felicity in her time has managed a Private Dressage Stable yard. Recently she has worked in a large Veterinary Practice and also a prestigious Dog & Cat Kennels in Surrey. She has also for the last few years been showing dogs and competed successfully at Crufts.

Daniel has been surrounded by animals all of his life, particularly dogs. He is a very successful dog trainer in all breeds, with both himself and his students winning titles all over the country. Last year he was invited to become a member of the United Kingdom team and was given the opportunity to put his training methods to the test. Word of his talent as a trainer is now spreading further afield. He has on several occasions travelled abroad to demonstrate his training methods and can also be seen showing the same at Country Fairs. Daniel has also demonstrated his training skills at Crufts as part of the Kennel Club working dog activities.

They currently have five different breeds of dogs, including Labradors, a Golden Retriever, a Flatcoated Retriever and a German Shepherd, all of which have been trained to a very high standard using reward based training.

Daniel and Felicity’s aim, is to own, run and be recognised one of the best boarding kennels in the country and to make your dogs visit as happy and stress free as possible.