Dog Kennels

We have two secure kennel blocks. We like to keep the smaller block for particularly nervous or elderly dogs where it is a much more calm and quiet environment to try and make their stay as peaceful and stress free as possible.

The larger block is where all the fun and frolics happen! We leave the radio on throughout the day to put the dogs at ease. If your Dog has a particular Radio programme they like to listen too, please let us know?

Each kennel will have a suitably sized bed for each dog and a bowl of water. Attached to each kennel is a covered run giving free access to outside throughout the day. At night time we close the hatches to keep them safe and warm inside.

We provide bedding for your dog but they are welcome to bring their own, along with suitable toys or bones.

Your dog will be exercised daily. This will consist of walks and a play in our new play area.

We walk the dogs over the fields that we have exclusive permission to use. We always walk all dogs on the lead and will not walk them with other dogs unless they are from the same family and you say its okay.

The new play area is proving to be very popular with our canine guests! It is fully secured and fenced so that dogs can play and run around off the lead. It has a play house, and various toys. Play time is supervised at all times and only dogs from the same household will be allowed to play together.


We feed the dogs twice a day using Skinners Field & Trial, including their Hypoallergenic range, unless instructed otherwise.  If you wish to bring your own food we will happily feed to your requirements. If your dog has a special dietary requirement, please feel free to discuss it with us.

Feeding times are early morning and early evening. If you usually feed your dog once per day or perhaps have a puppy that needs feeding three times per day, just let us know when you drop them off and we will keep to their usual routine.

We are more than happy to administer any medication that is required. If your dog is on any kind of medication please make sure you leave it with us, clearly labelled with you and your dogs name and clear instructions on how and when it is to be administered.

Looking around

We understand that you may like to see the kennels for yourself before booking in your dog. We would love to give you a guided tour and answer any questions that you may have. You can then rest in the knowledge that your Dog will be thoroughly looked after and spoilt by our experienced and caring staff.

If you would like to see the kennels or you would like your Dog to meet us, then either drop in during our opening times, 9am-11am and 3pm-5pm or call us on 01664 464872 to make an appointment.

New Kennel Block 2 (Custom)
New Run (Custom)
New Kennel Block (Custom)
Kennel Prices - 1st January 2017

1 Dog

per night

price 1

2 Dogs

sharing the same kennel per night

3 Dogs

sharing the same kennel per night

price 3

From time to time we care for Norweigan Elkhound Rescue dogs that need new homes. We do not rehome these dogs ourselves but if you are interested then you can find more information at the Elkhound Rescue website