We do various dog training classes or lessons. We can help you train your dog to what ever level or standard you require, from basic obedience to advanced training.

We offer one to one (private) lessons. This is where you and your dog can enjoy an hours lesson together to get our full attention all to yourself to learn how to train your dog correctly.
Also we offer group lessons. This is where you share your lesson in a group environment. This is a great opportunity to socialise your dog with others and meet like minded people while learning how to teach and train your dog.
We also do clicker training classes, learning how and when to use the clicker and understanding how and why it works.
All our training methods are positive reward based.

One to one

Private Lessons
£40 per hour


(6 people and over)
£15 per person/dogdog

Smaller groups differ depending on amount of people/dogs, please contact us for prices